Arom Choi is a South Korean independent filmmaker based in the US Southwest. She received her MFA in Film Directing from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). Her graduating thesis, Knock Knock Knock, premiered at San Diego Asian Film Festival in 2018. In 2024, she was selected as one of eight participants for the CJ + TIFF K-Story Fund, presented by CJ Cultural Foundation and Toronto International Film Festival. She teaches fiction filmmaking at Colorado College and lives with her two cats, Podo and Bapdodook.

Soledad (2023)

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SOLEDAD, a biohazard cleaner, is one day asked to clean a small apartment of a young woman who committed suicide. When she arrives at the house, she gets a bizarre sensation that the dead woman's house resembles her own.

2024 Minneapolis St.Paul International Film Festival
2023 St. Louis International Film Festival

Breathwatersoundcannon (2020)

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This experimental video is for "Breathwatersoundcannon," a musical piece composed and produced by Iddo Aharony, and performed by flutist Shanna Pranaitis. The video merges images of the natural and personal, including a performance by Colorado College theatre professor Mónica Sánchez.

The creation of this piece was inspired by the poetry of an Oglala Lakota poet, writer, feminist, artist, and activist Layli Long Soldier, and specifically by her poem “Resolution 2” which is woven into the fabric of the piece in different ways, including through Long Soldier’s own recorded voice. The poem was one of Long Soldier's responds to the Congressional Resolution of Apology to Native Americans, signed into law by President Barack Obama on 19 December 2009.

Knock Knock Knock (2018)

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Knock, Knock, Knock follows Hana, a young woman who confines herself to a tiny box-like room. She interacts with the world by listening through the thin walls that separate her from her neighbors.

Hana is consumed by thoughts of death, only to be confronted by an unexpected death. The room itself acts as an antagonist; the limited space and sound have the power to manipulate human emotion.

2018 CalArts Film Directing Showcase
2018 San Diego Asian Film Festival
2019 Portland Unknown Film Festival
2020 New Jersey International Film Festival
2020 Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival
2020 Nevertheless Film Festival

Fireworks (2017)

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A woman and a man sit at each side of their dinner table. The woman glares at the man, but the man seems completely remote. The woman runs out of their trailer and wanders around the forest. After a few hours, lost and exhausted, the woman sits under a tree. Listening to the sound of fireworks and joyful shouts of people from the distance, she falls asleep.